Bennington Physical Therapy specializes in: sports rehabilitation, industrial work-related rehabilitation, orthopedic and neurological issues, pre- and post operative therapy, cervical and lower back pain, posture awareness, and body mechanics training.

The clinic’s main focus is manual and therapeutic exercises that are developed by educating patients on body mechanics and posture awareness. BPT offers specialty treatment as diverse as the people it serves.

Sports Injuries

The clinic contains exercise equipment such as fitrons, N.K. tables, cycling bikes, free weights, pulleys, exercise mats, an elliptical machine and other cardio equipment, that are utilized during physical therapy.

Industrial Rehabilitation

BPT offers work-site evaluations for individual patients trying to return to work, work preparedness programs, an ergonomic/industrial consultations to assist area businesses in effectively controlling work related injuries.

Back Pain

The clinic provides comprehensive bio-mechanical evaluations and a home exercise programs of stretching and strengthening that focus on each individual’s needs.

Orthopedic & Neurological

The equipment and staff are qualified to treat most orthopedic and neurological conditions through the use of ultrasound, iontophoresis, cervical and lumbar traction, high galvanic stimulation’s, TENS and moist heat.

Custom Orthotics

For over 25 years, BPT has specialized in casting for custom orthotics for multiple orthopedic conditions.